About Us

Nearly Naked Neckwear (NNN) is a small hobby business that was founded in 2009.   We are located in Calgary, Alberta and are proudly Canadian.

My name is Christine and while I’m a nurse by profession, my passion is dogs.  I work on NNN in my down time from my real job.

Summer was my first dog, a sweet natured golden retriever that was actually the inspiration for NNN.  When she kept getting called a boy at the dog park I decided she needed something wide and pink. Unable to find what I was looking for locally, I decided to try making her a collar.  And then I made another, and another…  I’m grateful to her for so profoundly changing my life.


Summer passed in 2013, but she left me with a love of dogs and a love of making collars.

My current pack includes (left to right) Autumn, Willow, Hunter, Kitty, and River.