Hands-Free System

The hands-free leash system is comprised of two parts, the belt and one adjustable leash segment.

There are two sizes for the belt:

  • Regular – fits 24-42″
  • Large – fits 34-60″

Belts are available in 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/2″ widths.

The leash segment has two snap hooks, one at either end, one clips to the O-ring of the belt and the other to the dogs collar or harness.  It is adjustable from 22-40″.  Longer lengths are available upon special request and are priced slightly higher to cover the additional material.

Additional leash segments are available and two can comfortably fit onto one O-ring.  If walking more than 2 dogs a double O-ring belt is available with no additional charge for the second O-ring.

Style Webbing Width Price
Ribbon Trims Only ¾” $25.00
1” $30.00
1 ½” $35.00
Extra Segment ¾” $15.00
1” $17.00
1 ½” $20.00