Buckle-on Webbing Martingale Collars

This version functions the same as a webbing martingale but has the addition of a buckle attaching the control loop to the collar body. This allows the owner to open the collar like a regular buckle but use it as a webbing martingale.  Great for dogs with sensitive ears or that have broad skulls.

Size Fits Necks
XS 10-12”
S 12-16”
M 14-20”
L 16-24”
XL 18-28”


Webbing Width Price
⅜” $6.00
½” $8.00
¾” $15.00
1” $18.00
1 ½” $25.00
2” $30.00


Satin wrapping (the webbing is wrapped with satin prior to the ribbon being stitched into place leaving no exposed webbing) is available for 3/4″ collars and wider for an additional $2 per collar.